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Designing and installing the Nexus

Typical infrastructure

  • At a minimum you can cable with just one CAT5 to each TV for Video around the house.
  • To give yoiu flexibility we recommend a double RJ45 socket in each room next to power sockets with quad sockets in the lounge and study.
  • If you have the budget double this so that sockets are positioned at either end of the room.
  • For a completely flexible infrastructure allowing for local TV tuner, AV and HD distribution we recommend 3x CAT5e or CAT6 + 1 coax to each TV with just CAT5 in other areas. CAT5 runs for HD shoudl be less than 50m.
  • For speakers run 2 x speaker wire to hub (for runs less than 30m) and a CAT5 to the speaker or somewhere in the room for IR control.
  • Place the hub at the centre of the star wired Nexus.
  • Place any incoming services (telephone, internet, TV, FM. Satellite) at the hub or next to RJ45 sockets.
  • Note that these are just guidelines, but if you have a specific request
  • Installing CAT5.

  • Cat5 wire is star wired from each room to a central hub.
  • At the hub you will need a patch panel to terminate all the wires.
  • In the room you will need RJ45 sockets.
  • The Nexus hub is patched to the patch panel and the Nexus cables in the room connect your equipment to the Nexus.

    Cat5 should be installed according to its specifications. In particular

    • If run in parallel with power wires keep 12 inches away
    • Cross CAT5 wires with power wires at right angles
    • Do not tug CAT5 wires
    • Keep bed radii greater than 3cm.
    • Keep wires twisted right up to the termination.
    • Unsheath as little of the wire as possible.
    • Wires should be terminated in UK according to standard 568B (see below)
    • All wires should be tested for continuity on all pins using a CAT5 continuity tester.
    • All sockets must be labelled.

    If in doubt please consult a professional.

    Standard 568B

    1 orange/white
    2 orange
    3 green/white
    4 blue
    5 blue/white
    6 green
    7 brown/white
    8 brown
    Shield - shield.

    Nexus installation

  • 1. Connect all of your AV equipment into RJ45 sockets using the Nexus adaptor cables. Here are some examples...

    A1. TV or screen

    A2. Active speakers or computer speakers

    A3. Amplifier and speakers

    A4. TV and amplifier speakers

    A5. Hifi separates.

    A6. DVD player

    A7. Nexus camera

    A8. Multimedia PC

    A9. Home cinema

    Amplifier with Prologic 11

  • 2. Patch in the Nexus
  • 3. You should now be able to watch, listen to, and control any source by pointing the remote control at any TV or speakers.


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