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AVnex - The Future of Audio Visual Home Networking

About AVNex Ltd

What can AVNex do?

Multiroom video

  • Watch digital TV in any room
  • Satellite and cable in any room
  • DVDs, video play around the house.
  • Integrate with a home cinema system so that all your AV equipment is viewed and heard through it.
  • TV recording (Tivo) function at any TV.
  • Play video from a central server.
  • Use a PC at any TV **with a video card and IR keyboard.

Multiroom audio

  • All personal music collections can play at any speakers.
  • Play music around your house from a PC, jukebox or hard drive server.
  • Listen to all TV, radio, CDs, MP3s, DVDs, Videos through your best speakers in the living room.
  • Everyone can listen to their own music in any room, rather than the confines of their own room. 
  • Play radio, digital radio or internet radio around the house.
  • Connect portable music players.
  • All of this in the Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, study…


  • AVNex can design Lighting and Automation systems for
  • Whole house control
  • Scene setting of lights in each room
  • Integration with security system.
  • Curtain and Blind control.
  • Automation


  • Universal remotes are designed to give you a single interface to control everything.


  • CCTV monitoring systems
  • Web and phone interface for monitoring.
  • Viewable and controllable at any TV.

Telephony and data

  • Use of flexible CAT5 network for telephony and data

AVNex systems are:

Easy to install.

AVNex aim to design systems that are easy to wire for and install. We use Category 5e or 6 cabling as a standard.

Easy to use

Simply point the Nexus remote at a TV or speakers and choose what you want to watch. To control any source, use its own remote in any room.


AVNex uses Category 5e or 6 cable as the digital standard. This provides you with an infrastructure that is futureproof to developing technologies.

Versatile to your needs

AVNex aim to provide systems which are flexible to and futureproof. AV systems can be moved around by the user and lighting systems are programmable to suit how you live.

Open standard.

AVNex aim to use standard audio, video and IR signals so that you can connect almost any AV equipment to it, old and new, budget or high quality.


An equipment cupboard usually hide away unsightly AV equipment. In the room you can just install a TV, with the function of all the equipment you own. Flood-wiring CAT5 allows redesign of room layout without needing to worry about position of TV.

To suit your budget and requirements 

AVNex designs are modular so that you can choose the system to suit your needs and budget.



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