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Universal remote controls

> MX350 Universal Remote
> MX650 Universal Remote
> Keypad Remote
> Pronto Universal Remote
> MX450 Universal Remote
> MX980 Universal Remote

Universal remotes for controlling your home

AVNex provide a range of Universal Remotes so that a single remote can control all your AV equipment.

These remotes will all emit multiple commands at once (macros) so you get to where you want to in a single press. For Example they can be programmed to turn the TV to AV, Nexus on, Sky box on all with a single press of a button.

Universal remotes are particularly useful if you have Cinema systems or HD distribution in parallel with Nexus AV distribution. They enable you to have a single and easy point of control.

Pronto remotes also allow you to display all your music and select it from a single remote.


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