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Nexus multiroom audio and video

> Nexus Settop
> Nexus AV Modular
> NEXUS Multiroom AV Hubs
> Budget audio

 Nexus brochure and design guide.

Please complete form and fax to AVNex for advise on cabling and quote for Nexus.

> Nexus Multiroom AV System

3 source, 3 room or 6 source 6 room AV system including amplifier and patch panel for CAT5, incoming aerial and tel connections.

> Nexus Modular
Modular multiroom AV system allowing you to play 6 or 12 sources at 6, 12 or 18 destinations.

> Nexus Settop
Play and control up to 6 audiovisual sources in 6 rooms. 



> Budget Audio

This lower cost audio system does not compromise on quality, and achieves a budget price just by being simpler. It uses mechanical in wall impedance matched volume controls.

It is a single source multiroom system, so the same music will play throughout the house. You can turn each room on and off and adjust the volume with wall volume controls.

You can use your own Hifi system or amplifier to drive the speakers. Up to four pairs of speakers are impedance matched so that the amplifier is not overdriven.


  • Wire with 2x2 core speakers and a CAT5e from the hub to the volume control, then to the speakers.
  • The volume control is supplied with an oversized 1 gang backbox which must be used.

    Upgrade options

    Upgradeable to a multisource system with IR control by installing a Nexus.








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