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Frequently asked questions

How do I decide which Nexus product I need?

Either an AVNex installer or AVNex for advice

  • Count the number of sources such as DVD players, music players, cameras that you want to connect. AVNex can offer 6, 9 or 12 sources.
  • Count the number of TVs or amplifiers/ speakers you want to watch and listen at. AVNex offer 6, 9, 12 or 18 output systems.
  • Choose you system based on what size you require and what you budget is.

How do I get terrestrial TV around the house using the Nexus.

Connecting a couple of freeview boxes to the Nexus is a cost effective way to make use of the greater TV and radio channels available with freeview. Your incoming terrestrial aerial connects to the freeview box. Freeview then connects to the Nexus via its SCART socket. As a freeview box only allows you to view 1 channel at a time, it is best to use more than one, (or to avoid arguments, as many as you have people in the house).

How many sockets should I install.

At minimum you need one socket for every AV device that you will connect and one for every telephone or networked PC. Generally we recommend a minimum of double sockets in each room with quads in the living room and study.

Where should I locate my dvd players, sky boxes etc.

Anywhere you like as long as there are CAT5 sockets nearby to connect to.

  • Sky and freeview boxes can be placed next to the hub. Please note that you will need a coaxial feed to these from the aerial or sky dish.
  • The DVD or CD player can be placed whereever you keep your DVD/ and CD collection.

Can I connect my old AV equipment

Yes. Nexus is nearly 100% compatible with all AV equipment. You old VCR can become a multiroom

Can I connect portable music players eg IPod

Yes. All the cables and adaptors required to do so are part of your Nexus kit

Can I get rid of all the messy wires?

With Nexus, the only thing you need in each room is a screen with speakers and a remote control to access all of your equipment. With appropriate positioning of sockets you can mount flat screens on the wall and install ceiling speakers to make your home very tidy. 

How do I ensure the CAT5 cabling is done correctly.


  • use one of AVNex' installers,
  • a professional CAT5 installer
  • insist that your installer follows CAT5 cabling specifications, tests all sockets for continuity on all pins and labels them accurately.

What is the guarantee?

All Nexi are guaranteed for at least 2 years. For AVNex to provide adequate support we do require that the CAT5 network has been tested for continuity on all pins and properly labelled.

What is the quality of video

AVNex have worked very hard to provide excellent video quality at a reasonable price. Your picture should be recreated just as if the your screen was connected directly to the source. The Nexus can and should used with plasma screens and projectors.

In industrial and commercial applications Nexus powered receivers provide superb quality, even in noisy environments, over long cables distances.  

But the Nexus distributes composite video - is this good enough.

Composite video is higher quality that the RF signal that is used to send terrestrial TV.

S-video and RGB signals are higher quality than composite as they use 2 and 3-5 wires respectively compared to 1 for composite. This results in better colour contrast and definition. Generally only DVD players are able to make use of this higher signal quality and it is only required in cinema room installations. If you would like to use these formats you can connect the DVD player to the cinema screen directly, as well as connecting DVD player and screen to Nexus.    

What is the quality of audio.

The Nexus is design to distribute audio at a signal to noise level that is on the edge of what most human ears are able to distinguish. The quality of your music will depend mainly on the quality of amplifier and speakers that you use.   

Can I integrate Nexus with surround sound 

The Nexus distributes stereo, not true surround sound. However if you have an amplifier with Prologic 11, this will recieve a normal stereo signal and convert to surround sound. This is worth doing! See Dolby website,

Must the installation be shielded?

No. The Nexus is specified for unshielded twisted pair (UTP). CAT5 installation specifications should be followed eg not in parallel with power wires and the power earth should conform to regulations. If you are in an environment where these conditions are not met, you can either install a fully shielded network or use Nexus powered receivers with UTP.

What is the difference between CAT5, CAT 5e, CAT6.

For purposes of the Nexus is does not matter which you install. The higher the number the higher the data rate you can achieve when using the cable to network computers.  

Does it work with CAT7?


Are the IR receivers plasma friendly?

Yes. Provided that the are not placed actually on the screen. Generally plasmas emit noise in the 36khz - 40kHz IR frequency but only out the front of the screen. Attaching the IR receiver to the side of the screen is fine.



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