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Nexus Speakers > AVN306 Stereo IR Wall Speaker Pair (80W)


Specification                              Stereo speaker pair for in wall mounting.  One speaker has a built-in infrared receiver

Wiring                                       Right     2 core speaker wire (1.25mm – 2mm diameter core) to hub + CAT5 to hub

                                                Left       2 core speaker wire to hub

Woofer                                      6.5 “

Tweeter                                     1 “

Power                                       80W

Impedance                                8ohm

Signal to noise ratio                   90dB

Frequency range                        55 – 20 kHz                              

Cut-out                                      193 x 273mm

Finished dimensions                  304 x 219mm

Depth                                        70mm

IR                                             RJ45 plug connected to Nexus HAV amplifiers.

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