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Specifications    Nexus In–Ceiling amps are designed to work with the Nexus AV hubs only. They receive a balanced line audio distribution from Nexus AV hubs, driving high quality audio to 8ohm speakers at up to 15W per channel. Volume is controlled using the Nexusremote. A key feature is that Nexus amps will power down when the Nexuszone is switched off.


If the Nexus amp is connected to a TV the volume level is displayed on the TV screen.


Applications:     Placed in ceiling or in wall to drive ceiling or wall speakers.

Connection behind screen to locally drive speakers. 

Up to 3 amps may be daisy chained to drive up to 6 speakers.


Wiring               CAT5 or Nexus cable from Nexusto amp

Local CAT5 or Nexus cable from amp to ceiling speaker IR, TV or secondary amp.             

Local power supply.


When to use      Use In-Ceiling Amps as opposed to Multichannel amps when

(a) there is no speaker wire to ceiling speakers. The amps require just CAT5 or Nexus cable with a power source.

(b) when distance from hub > 20m.


Safety:              In Ceiling Amps have a thermal protection mechanism which reduces their power output if they are too hot. Hence the amplifier must be positioned such that air can flow around it and should not be placed in insulated walls.

                        Amplifiers must not drive speakers with impedance less than 4 ohms.



Power in:           12V AC 50VA (or 18V dc 30W)

Input:                RJ45 from Nexusoutput

Output:                         RJ45 for line level audio, video and IR

                        Speaker level audio

Dimensions       126 x 78 x 68 (L x W x D)mm


Kit list               Nexusamplifier

                        12V AC transformer


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