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AVNex Audio and Video design pages

In the next few pages, the AVNex design area allows you to define your AV installation.With this AVNex can produce a wiring specification and a quote for you. As most of the wiring is simply CAT5, the design are still very flexible. The Nexus system is also modular, so the size of system can be easily adjusted to suit your budget and upgraded at a later long as the correct cabling is available of course.

AVNex wiring plans are designed to be flexible and futureproof to changing technologies. The CAT5 network can provide AV distribution, networking, telephony, High Definition distribution and AV over IP. Usually we will also specify a basic traditional RF network as well, so that you can also do things the old fashioned way.

AVNex audio system is designed to be flexible to room size and quality requirements. As standard the Nexus provides high quality background music at 15W using a smaller 5.25 inch cone ceiling speaker. This is excellent for most rooms, but in some areas you may prefer wall speakers, freestanding speakers, larger speakers and drive them with an amplifier up to 100W

As well as designing for Multiroom AV, we are also able to integrate Cinema Surround Sound systems using 5.1, 7.1, hidden speakers or surround sound from a single wall mount 'projected' speaker.

Please click next if you wish to start designing your AV installation. Feel free to leave us any extra notes on your preferences in the forms or email us at If you are not quite ready for this then you may prefer just to read our generic wiring advice here



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